Sunday, August 15, 2010

Catrice Sold Out Forever

The title says it all, doesn't it? My fave Catrice polish! Sold Out Forever is the prettiest green around in my opinion.
I don't like it plain, full covered on my nails though. It's a flat color.. In the bottle it holds a lovely green shimmer, but once it's on the nail you cannot find it anywhere!
So I just had to add some glitz and glam to this beauty, and also made one finger a tad different by using Catrice Clay-ton, My Hero as a base for the glitz and glam.

Let's watch some pictures, shall we?

This is my right hand, all pictures are shown inside the house with artificial lightning (stupid rainy summer in Holland, booo).

Here we have my left hand, with Clay-ton My Hero on the ringfinger!

A close-up of the sparkles, woo

Slow shutter speed for some glittery action!

(Base)Essence nail art basecoat
(Polish, color) Catrice Sold Out Forever, Catrice Clay-ton My Hero
(Polish, glitter) Gosh Magic Star, Essence Julia
(Top) Super Shiny

After I had my basecoat and colors on, I used Gosh Magic star (small holo glitter) on the tips by using the sponging technique.
Then I did the same with Essence Julia (big square holo and round silver glitter).

I do love Catrice Sold Out Forever, even if it's on the thick (even streaky) side. Nothing a little thinner won't solve.
Catrice Clay-ton My Hero is a nice golden brownish tone, with a great subtle golden shimmer. The application on this one is perfect.
Both of them are done in two coats and are completely opaque.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Hi all,

Just a small selection of my nails done with the sponging technique.

Dark Marble

Hi all,

Another water marble incoming!!
This one is on my natural nails.. Why did you break? WHY?!

Added some bling on the ring fingers for funz.

Here it is:


(Base) Catrice Satin Smooth 
(Marble) Essence Color&Go.. Don't remember their names
(Nail art) Essence rhinestone set
(Topcoat) Super Shiny

Guest Mani

Hi all!

I will show you a mani I did on my mum's nails!
She didn't want anything too bold, but she did want something with the sponging technique.

Here's the result:

(Base)None :o
(Colors) Catrice Just Married, Essence nail art striper white
(Nail art) Essence nail art Holographic flowers
(Top) Two layers of gel, and then a coat of Super Shiny.

Eventhough we went through the effort to put two (!!) layers of gel on this mani, she still woke up with one flower missing :(
Still a nice subtle mani.

Blue Marble

Hi all,

I have another marble to share with you guys.
This one is really low key, just the way I wanted it to look -yay for me!-
I did this mani after my Gosh Holographic mani. I wanted to take it off and then I couldn't stop wondering what would happen if I would water marble over this sparkly mani.

Here's the result:

(Base) Gosh Holographic
(Marble) Essence Color&Go Blue, Essence Color&Go Black
(Topcoat) Super Shiny

The holographic effect actually shined through! -insert happy face here-
I only wore this for like, an hour. Turns out I don't like full cover blue nails, haha.


Hi all,

Just wanted to show you the amazing fake lashes Claire's has.

They cost €5,99 wich is a decent price for fake lashes.
I did not test the included glue, I prefer to use my own.
They do feel very plastic-y but hey, who's going to touch my eyelashes besides me?
They can be cleansed fairly easy.
I've worn them three times now and they still look great!

Holy Holo!

Hi all,

Just like loads of others, I adore holographic polishes. Especially when it's summertime and they can shine shine shiiiine!
I would like to show you the beauty that Gosh brings us, with the name: Holographic. I know, that's an awesome name right.

Shown in two coats, on a semi cloudy day. Pictures taken inside the house.

Isn't it lovely?
Sadly it's hard to capture on camera, but the downright picture shows it's shiny magic the most accurate.

When this beauty cannot reflect any lightning, it looks like a suede silver.

Flower Marble

Hi all,

I would like to show you a marble mani I did some time ago..
Sadly my camera doesn't like neon colors, so you just have to use your imagination on the colors ;).

Products used: 
(Base) Hema French White
(Water marble) Action neon set mini's
(Nail art) Nail's Only Holo circles
(Topcoat) Super Shiny

NOTD: Ruby Pumps

Hi all,

Today I will show you a simple mani done with my all time fav red; China Glaze Ruby Pumps!
I'm not a huge fan of full covered red nails so i used some painters tape to create a funky (kind of) french mani.

China Glaze Ruby Pumps is done in two coats. To me it looked opaque, but when I was editing my pictures I was able to see my smile line through the red. The application is a dream though, and even with all the glitter this beauty has.. It's silky smooth without a topcoat.
I used an Essence nail art striper for the silver lining, wich works great! It was opaque in one coat over this bright red.
I wanted to do some stamping but in the end I couldn't be bothered; so I went with cute checkered heart stickers from Essence.
Topped off with one coat of Super Shiny topcoat.

What is your fav red all time?