Sunday, August 15, 2010

Catrice Sold Out Forever

The title says it all, doesn't it? My fave Catrice polish! Sold Out Forever is the prettiest green around in my opinion.
I don't like it plain, full covered on my nails though. It's a flat color.. In the bottle it holds a lovely green shimmer, but once it's on the nail you cannot find it anywhere!
So I just had to add some glitz and glam to this beauty, and also made one finger a tad different by using Catrice Clay-ton, My Hero as a base for the glitz and glam.

Let's watch some pictures, shall we?

This is my right hand, all pictures are shown inside the house with artificial lightning (stupid rainy summer in Holland, booo).

Here we have my left hand, with Clay-ton My Hero on the ringfinger!

A close-up of the sparkles, woo

Slow shutter speed for some glittery action!

(Base)Essence nail art basecoat
(Polish, color) Catrice Sold Out Forever, Catrice Clay-ton My Hero
(Polish, glitter) Gosh Magic Star, Essence Julia
(Top) Super Shiny

After I had my basecoat and colors on, I used Gosh Magic star (small holo glitter) on the tips by using the sponging technique.
Then I did the same with Essence Julia (big square holo and round silver glitter).

I do love Catrice Sold Out Forever, even if it's on the thick (even streaky) side. Nothing a little thinner won't solve.
Catrice Clay-ton My Hero is a nice golden brownish tone, with a great subtle golden shimmer. The application on this one is perfect.
Both of them are done in two coats and are completely opaque.

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